My Top Runner Gift Ideas

Has it really been 4 months since I posted to my blog?  SHAME ON ME!

Well, hopefully today’s post will help make up for it.  🙂



After a year and a half of running regularly, I thought I’d share some of my favorite “running” items purchased or received as presents from family and friends.  Of course, every runner has a list of gadgets and goodies they’d prefer, but I hope this list will help with that surprise gift this holiday season for someone you love.

GPS watch with HRM  ~ My parents gave me a Garmin Forerunner 210 last year for Christmas and I really like it.  I had been running for several months without a heart rate monitor, but I wanted to target my workout intensity and use an HRM help me get there.  Not only does the GPS tell me how far I’ve run/walked, it monitors my heart rate and provides the pace as well.  When I get home, I charge it through my laptop which then automatically logs my exercise to Garmin Connect.  It even works with MyFitnessPal to share calories burned so that’s one less thing to have to enter manually.  🙂

Road ID ~ It’s super important to have emergency contact info on you while on running outside.  I hate to think of anything bad happening to someone, but being prepared is key to safety.  My road ID has my husband’s cell phone number, my blood type, allergy info, etc.  I wear the band on my wrist like a bracelet so it can easily be read if needed.

Hips Sister ~ I wear this product every time I run.  I keep my keys and phone and identification in my hips sister with no worries about them ever being lost or falling out.  A definite two thumbs up!

Event Clips ~ OMIGOSH where do I begin to share how amazing these clips are for your race bibs? No more poking holes in your running shirts and they stay in place!  They’re made in Great Britain, but arrived within one week of purchase.  Awesomeness!

Runner’s Daily Log ~ I’m the type of person who likes to keep track of how I’m feeling after a run.  This may wear off after a few years of running, but for now, I love it.  I can look back and see my accomplishments as well as what worked and didn’t work for me.  I tend to forget so having it written down helps me remember and keeps me motivated.

I <3 To Run Wall Calendar ~ Visualizing my accomplishments is another motivator for me.  My wonderful husband had this large wall calendar dry mounted at Michael’s arts & crafts store and it sits in my office.  I love coloring in each day I run and look forward to a more colorful 2015!  Here’s mine today.


Runnerbox Subscription ~ Want to know the latest “running” goodies out on the market?  Leave the research to Runnerbox and get a bimonthly box filled with “everything from gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, energy boosters, healthy snacks, personal care, and other running accessories!”  As their website says, many products will be brand new to the market while others will be tried and true favorites. Want a discount?  You got it!  Use my Ambassador 10% discount code today:  JTRUNRB!

RedFox Wireless Headphones ~ Wires be gone!  I LOVE my wireless headphone from RedFox!  They stay put and don’t fall out.  No more getting tangled either.  The headphones can be worn different ways for running, biking or lifting weights at the gym.  I especially like that I can put them either on my visor hanging down near my ears or around my neck so I can hear the traffic around me AND my running mix while running outside.  Here they are around my neck with Santa at this year’s Rudolph Dasher 10K.


Running The Wall ~ More visualization and this is one of most treasured running items.  Every day I walk into my office, I see the reward for all my sweat, tears and joy that running has provided me.  The 45 pounds of weight loss (so far) and all the miles I’ve run (over 500 so far this year alone … that’s A LOT to me!).  Ah, I love seeing this every day.  EVERY. DAY!

Running The Wall 12-15

There are so many other cool gift ideas out there to choose from so I hope this list helped narrow it down.

A couple more quick ideas:  magazine subscription to Runner’s World or Women’s Running or a VIP subscription to Fabletics.

I also like to wear “crazy” running pants and get asked all the time where I find them.  So, here are a few links to my favorites:

Juna Lai

Online Legging Store

Running Funky

And don’t forget your stocking stuffers like Gu Gel, Compression Socks/Sleeves, Nuun electrolyte tablets, ProBar Energy Chews (addictive!), Handanas, Hand warmers, Running Stickers and oh yes, Body Glide!   🙂

Are there any other suggestions we should add to this list?  PLEASE share in the comments section below so I can add them for my wish list to Santa too.  Thank you!  🙂



Top 5 Things about Runnerbox

I was recently chosen to be an Ambassador for Runnerbox.  My last blog post raved on how awesome all the goodies were when I received one for Mother’s Day.

Top 5 things about Runnerbox?

  1. Nutrition
  2. Value
  3. Quality
  4. Variety
  5. Deliciousness

Now I want to share the love with YOU!

Between today and this Saturday, July 19, 2014, I’m having a contest on my Facebook page Jersey-Texan.  Share my page from your Facebook account and I’ll put your name in a hat to win your very own Runnerbox!  You can do the same on Twitter or any other social media outlet, just be sure to tag me so I put your name in the hat.  =)

Check out this pic of yummies! It could ALL BE YOURS!


Deadline to enter my contest is 11:59pm on Saturday, July 19, 2014.  I will announce the winner here on my blog and on my Facebook page on Sunday, July 20, 2014, so get over there, like my page if you haven’t yet and share, share, share!  AND HEY!  If you share more than once, guess what?  You get multiple entries!  Share every day.  Aww yeah!

Here’s the link again in case you missed it:  Jersey-Texan .  My posts there range from health and fitness to recipes, fun, freedom and LIFE.  I try to share a little of everything I find interesting so you can too.

Thanks for the follow and GOOD LUCK!

p.s. You can still get a 10% discount on Runnerbox if you use my special top secret code:  JTRUNRB

What’s your favorite post/pre workout snack? Share in the comments below!


Runnerbox Nom Nom!

I received a subscription for Runnerbox from my husband and kids this year for Mother’s Day. I saw a Facebook ad and shared it, not thinking they would notice, but they did!  They love me, they really love me!

Check out all the goodies inside:


I ate the CORE PRO bar for breakfast last week and let me tell you, it was AHMAZING! Filled me up and took care of that sweet craving I was having that morning. I will definitely be buying some of those in the future to keep in our pantry.

Runnerbox Brownie

I’ll keep you updated on the rest of the goodies in my first Runnerbox. I’ve been a bit out of commission the past couple of weeks, but hope to back out on the road running soon.

Until then, tell me, what is your favorite healthy snack?  Let me know in the comment section below!