2015 to 2016

2015: The Year I Gained

2015 was the year of big change for me. I gained a lot.  But I also witnessed too many suffer with cancer and other diseases. The fight continues for my cousins Raffaela and Oscar and my 10 year old nephew Adam. I pray for them and everyone else going through this as I am reminded life is precious. 2016 will bring more awareness and support for everyone in need. #TeamAdam will use for The Force for us all!

I ran my first half marathon in 2015.  Then a second, third and fourth. Overtraining and injury stopped me from running as much as I wanted to this year, but 340 miles this year isn’t too shabby considering the circumstances. I was thrown off my groove and gained 20 pounds while staying in the same clothes, albeit more snug, but I gained knowledge by the end of the year in anatomy and nutrition. This knowledge will stay with me and will help going forward. I’m at race 40 of my #50by50 so I’m still on track and will succeed.  I plan on running the Blue Bell Fun Run as my 50th race.  Hope to see you there to help me celebrate! #JustMoveYall

2015 Medals

I quit my great career of 20+ years in 2015. Toughest and best decision I’ve ever made. And yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I worked at a gym to gain new experiences. I became an Ambassador for RunnerBox, Esprit de She and FitFluential.  I also became a contributor to Rare Life and was hired as the Social Media Coordinator for Onurmark Productions running point for their Run Houston! Race Series, Bayou City Half Marathon Series and Bayou City Triathlon Series.  I filed my dba for my future personal training coaching business, CyFit Freedom. I returned to college to become a Personal Trainer. I was the oldest in my class other than my instructor and it was awesome! While the state of Texas sees me a Personal Trainer, I’m studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). I will proudly serve other women to help them achieve their health and fitness goals as I continue on my journey. I will change the perception of what a Personal Trainer looks like too. This will happen in the first quarter of 2016.

LSC Certifications

Our son and oldest daughter both graduated college in 2015 and have begun their own careers out in the “real” world. I’m super proud of them both. Our youngest daughter turned 16 and now has her driver’s license. Errands anyone? 🙂 We won Houston Texans season tickets and became more active in our fan love. My mother retired after 58 years of teaching and we celebrated with her in NC. I really thought she’d never retire, but she showed me! 🙂 My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and we partied again in NC with family and friends. I traveled for fun more than ever before in 2015. Vegas, Canada, Philly, Boston, just to name a few. Check out my silly 2015 video here:

I gained a love for coffee in 2015. Strange, but true. I also enjoy cooking when I plan. I can make some yummy monkey bread and cookies now. I find myself more busy today than a year ago, but with different priorities.  I gained many new friendships in 2015. Kindred spirits really and women I’d call my family without hesitation. You know who you are. I have some mad #GirlLove for you. 🙂

I’m not certain where 2016 will take me, but I do know that my focus on helping others with daily resolutions will lead the way.


What is your ONE focus in 2016?

I wish you and yours a very blessed New Year!

LSC Certifications

It’s A Wonderful Life

I have been a very bad blogger.  It’s been MANY moons since I posted here and I’m not sure anyone noticed.  Before I knew it, months had passed and I transitioned to micro-blogging on Facebook and Twitter instead of posting here, so I thought I’d make an effort to get back to my weekly blog posts of product reviews, personal commentary and advice and all around be happy.  Next year this blog will transition to my business website. WOOHOO!

As the year comes to a close and since my last blog post, my son and oldest daughter have graduated college and both found jobs in their respective fields of choice.  And our youngest daughter was confirmed and has her drivers license.  SCORE three for me and Steve!  We must be doing something right.

Kids Grad Confirm License

I worked at 24 Hour Fitness to familiarize myself with the health and fitness business.  I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot.  It was fun talking with members about their journeys to health and helping prospective members begin theirs.

We traveled to North Carolina twice.  Once to celebrate my Mom’s retirement from teaching after 58 years.  Yes, FIFTY EIGHT years.  Way to go, Mom!  Another to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  We had a huge party with family and friends from all over the country to join in the celebration.  It was awesome!

M + D 50th Anniversary Pic

I was nominated and became the Race & Event Support Chair for my running club.  I love the support of my running club.  Everyone is so encouraging, no matter your pace.  We were everywhere at the inaugural Cypress Half Marathon this year.  BESTEST running club EVAR!

A trip to Boston with my husband for one of his business conferences.  What a gorgeous city!  Loved visiting the Boston Marathon finish line, the Old North Church, Freedom Trail, Paul Revere House, USS Constitution and eating awesome food with good friends.


I went on my very first extended girls trip to Toronto and ran the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon with my girlfriends.  A couple of them ran the full marathon!  Despite my plantar fasciitis rearing it’s ugly head for me during the race, rock stars we were!  I’ve been able to run a few more races since, so as of today, I’m at race 40 of my #50by50!  The fall colors in Canada, cool temps and sight seeing were all so much fun.


Steve and I also went to my cousin Jeffrey and Michele’s masquerade wedding in Philadelphia.  MORE FUN!  We flew in a couple days beforehand to take in the sights like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Rocky Steps, Congress Hall and Valley Forge National Historical Park.  The colors of the trees!  I couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous they were too.  Absolutely beautiful weather and sightseeing.  I’m seeing a trend on my love of cooler temps and historical locations.  The wedding was a blast and it was great seeing family.  Masquerade weddings are the best!

I was able to pick up some independent contract work with Superior Vision and Eyemed.  It was fun attending open enrollment meetings and health fairs and speaking with members about their respective vision insurance plans.  I always liked that part of the job when I was a Client Manager.

The most intimidating experience I had this year was when I found myself in a classroom full of fit, young students all wanting to become a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). I looked around the room and thought “what in the hell am I doing.”  I began to doubt myself and my decision to make this career change.

As the weeks passed, I studied and learned the fundamentals needed to become a great CPT through these courses at Lone Star College Cy-Fair. These classes are set up to help you learn what is needed to pass the NASM exam.  More importantly, the curriculum teaches you a foundation on how to become a Personal Trainer.  It was much more difficult than I thought it would be.  And it was awesome.  I passed both courses yesterday!

LSC Certifications

I will enjoy the holidays, then hit the books hard in the new year before taking the NASM exam the end of January.  I will bring a different perspective as a CPT since I’m on my own journey to health.  I can relate to the struggle because I LIVE it every day.  Although the State of Texas now recognizes me as a Personal Trainer, I cannot wait to be NASM certified and start training and helping clients achieve their goals.   CyFit Freedom:  Create Your Fitness, Inspire Together! #JustMoveYall

It’s a Wonderful Life, am I right? !