Freedom Is The Oxygen Of The Soul

It’s almost been 4 months since I started my journey to better health.  Time flys when you’re having fun!  Posting pics of my progress with my runs, walks and food have kept me strangely interested and motivated to one up myself.  Whatever works, right? 
306 calories of nomnom lunch this week!
Despite my injury and prolonged bed rest, the tale of the scale keeps getting better as I lost more weight and inches this week.  Clearly, it’s not just about exercise, but about eating your “guilty pleasures” in moderation.
How low can I go?

And while I am still unable to run, I was cleared by my awesome docs at the Alternative Health Center of the Woodlands to walk, so I’ve been doing just that along with physical therapy twice a week.  The difference this time with walking is that I’m using my core while doing so and working up quite a sweat in a short amount of time and distance.  Baby steps yet again.

As I finished up one of my physical therapy sessions last week, I turned and noticed my flabby arms.  I mean, I knew they were flabby.  I even call them my bat wings, but dang. 
Fly Me To The Moon
So I added new goal to my better health journey.  I’m now doing light strength training with 3 pound weights  3 days a week to lessen the chance of flight with my arms. Haha Here’s a pic from Day 1 of the app “Arm Workout – 12 Days to Perfect Arms.”  Well, it’ll take me more than 12 days, but it’s a start.  I love the little awards for completing a workout.  It’s like getting a treat. 

My great news today is that I have been cleared to go back to work!  YIPPEE!  I never thought I’d be so excited to return, but I am.  I’ve been blessed with awesome colleagues who stepped up and took care of my clients while I was out on medical leave for these past 3 weeks.  Now, onto getting through this:

 UGH, that number of emails is scary, but I’m back to work today so YIPPEE!
And soon I’ll be cleared to run.  Insert bigger happy sigh here.
During the past 3 weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to think while being on bed rest.  Not being able to sit or stand is quite the eye opener.  
  1. Tell those you love every day how much you mean to them. Every day!
  2. Work will go on without you.
  3. Shave your legs ladies, because you never know when you physically can’t do it.
  4. Bend with your knees and not with your back.
  5. Work your core at every opportunity because it will save you from possible injury.
  6. Find joy in what you do and peace when you do it and when you can’t do it.
  7. Keep clothes in easy to reach places.
  8. Running is addicting and you’ll want to do it more when you can’t.
  9. When you’re hurting, your pets will want to sit on you.
  10. Listen to your body and do not ignore it.

It’s amazing what you want to do when you can’t do it.  So don’t delay what you want to do.  Get out there and just do it!
What exercises are best to help strengthen your core?  Please share in the comments!  Thank you. 

C25K COMPLETED! Now What? #Fit4Meesh

I began this journey on 06/20/2013 after hearing James Gandolfini died.  He was only 4 years older than I am now and for some reason, his death was my wake up call to get healthy and keep moving.  I went from barely being able to run one minute to running 30 minutes without stopping.  

Regularly exercising for the past 10 weeks has also helped me be able to walk down stairs “normally.”  Before running regularly, I had to take steps one at a time because of knee and ankle discomfort.  Now, I can walk down steps like the rest of the world.  🙂  I also went from drinking an average of three 16.9 oz bottles of Diet Coke a day to maybe 1/2 of a 12oz bottle.  If even that. Caffeine has been replaced by water. And a lot more of it.

With all my success the past couple of months, week 9 made me very nervous.  It was my final week of the C25K program and I’d be running 30 minutes. Without stopping.  Three times in a week. Even though last week I ran 3 days and was able to run 28 minutes non-stop, my mind continued to focus on doubt.

Just more proof that if we focus on succeeded and try with all our might, success can be accomplished because I didn’t allow myself to stop running and I completed the C25K program this morning!  WOOHOO!  Check out my funny before and after photo below.  HA!  I’m such a goofball sometimes.

Running and C25K has changed my life.  I want more.
This week I lost only .4 lb and another 1/2 inch from my waist — not much on those measurement numbers, but I’ll take it.  I need to start eating better when I’m on the road because my busiest travel season picks up in a couple weeks and I must keep up my momentum!  #Fit4Meesh has lost 13.4 lbs, but still has 40.6 to go so my journey continues.  I’m thinking of trying paleo … hmm …

Since I’ve completed the C25K program, should I be content with where I am now by just running a few times a week?  The C25K program gave me a goal.  I feel like now is the time to find my next challenge. 
What apps do you use to physically challenge yourself?  Please share in the comments section so I can start downloading stat!   
Whatever program I decide to work towards next to continue my weight loss and quest for health, I know I CAN and WILL do it. Especially when I’m keeping myself accountable like I’ve been doing here and on social media with all of you!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all for your supportive messages, words of encouragement and helpful advice.  

Wishing you and yours a very safe and fun upcoming holiday weekend!  xox

More soon … 🙂

#Fit4Meesh Continues! Week 8 of C25K Complete!

Although June 20th wasn’t very long ago when I began this new journey of mine to get healthy, it seems as though I’ve been exercising for so much longer.  I guess it’s true that exercising and staying fit becomes an addiction.  I’ll take this addiction over all others because my results, albeit slow to show, are worth it!

Another .6 lbs run off this past week.  Yippee!  I’m most happy seeing inches disappear.  Goodbye to .5 inch from my waist, and an inch from both my waist and hips.  Totals are getting higher and I love it!  To date, I’ve lost:

  • Neck, 1 inch
  • Waist, 4.5 inches
  • Hips, buh-bye 3 inches
  • Boobage, seeYA 1.5 inches

I still don’t see that I’ve lost 13 lbs and all these inches, but it’ll come.  While there is a part of me that would prefer to see the scale drop dramatically week after week, I must constantly remind myself that slow and steady wins the race.  This race I have … with myself … has been and will be a constant battle, but I’m going to do it, DAMMIT.  🙂

There is one thing I’ve been completely blown away from in the past couple of months. The support of received from family, friends and complete strangers through emails, phone calls, texts and social media.  It’s been overwhelming and my heart thanks each and every one of you … YES YOU TOO … for your encouragement.  It helps motivate me to keep moving!

We’re taking our oldest to Texas State Technical College in Waco this weekend.  I’m very proud of my son moving ahead on his new journey too.  Looks like moving is becoming a very good family tradition.

Happy Friday y’all!


#Fit4Meesh is in Week 8!

Two months of regular exercise and better eating habits has its advantages.

Despite a rough start being sick on Monday and not going to the gym that day, I made up for it by staying balanced.  It paid off and it always will if I just stay active and off my couch.  So, another 2.4 lbs ran off, making 12.4 lbs my total loss to date. I still can’t see it in the mirror, but yippee for me!  My goal is getting closer with each step.  And I haven’t been starving myself to do it.  A very different approach for me this time.  I like it. 

I read an article yesterday that reiterates what I’ve been saying to myself for my new journey:  “Just eat food. Eat real food, be active, and live your life. Forget all the diet and weight loss nonsense. It’s really just that. Nonsense.” The complete piece here:  An Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients

For me, balance is key and I find myself making better choices most of the time.  I did have an amazing Ravioli dish this past week and a few Jack and Diet Cokes so I’m not perfect … But that’s ok. This is LIFE!  🙂

Friday at the gym gave me two badges.  Yes, I love my stinkin badges!  🙂

Oh, I’m fancy.  Haha 😉

I’ve completed Week 7 Day 3 of the #C25K plan and am coming up in my “final” 2 weeks before I’m officially ready to run at 5K.  Or so I’ve heard.  🙂  I was able to run 25 minutes straight yesterday. Although I’m really, really, REALLY slow, I’m still in shock I can jog at all.  The first 15 minutes of that 25-min run, I’m all like “damn, I’m doing this!”  Then the last 10 minutes, I struggled, but powered through thinking of how far I’ve come … where this journey is taking me …. of all your support …. and that my Chulo Handsomehub Steve has been by my side the whole way.  THANK YOU all.  

I changed my own made-up hashtag to #Fit4Meesh since the other has apparently been used for Michigan.  Took me 8 weeks to figure it out, but I <3 using Meesh.  That’s my nickname from one of my high school BFF’s Juanita Chulita.  Yes, that’s my name for her. xox

Do what makes you happy and have a great week y’all!  

How often do you exercise?

WHEW. Isn’t it supposed to get easier?! Week 7 #Fit4Mich #C25K