WHEW. Isn’t it supposed to get easier?! Week 7 #Fit4Mich #C25K


Week Six of #Fit4Mich #C25K

WOW WOW WOW!  Last week has been amazing!  I lost another 1.2 lbs making my total 7.2 since beginning my new path for life.  For the measurements, it wasn’t as much as I had hoped, but I have to constantly remind myself slow and steady wins the race, so another 1/2 an inch from my hips and waist.  I’ll take it!

Right now I’m in complete shock with myself for being able to power through running W5D3 (Week 5, Day 3) on Friday of last week for The Couch-to-5K Running Plan. I was totally stressing out the day before – wondering how badly I’d fail. BUT I DID IT! Here are the songs that helped me run for 20 minutes straight for the 1st time in my entire 47 years:

  • Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke (I cannot stop listening to this song!)
  • Bad – Michael Jackson
  • I Believe in a Thing Called Love – The Darkness
  • Holiday – Madonna
  • Everlong – Foo Fighters
  • Start Me Up – Rolling Stones
  • Still Into You – Paramore

For those of you doing math, I did a 5 min walk warm up and 5 min cool down too.

Here I am showing my copy of my Virtual C25K recommended by a fellow reddit C25K user, ReanLu.  What a fantastic idea to have in front of you and be able to check the date as you accomplish each day one by one!  The support of the reddit C25K group has been absolutely amazing!  If you’re using the program, I highly recommend you come join us for ideas, support and great advice how to succeed.  

See you next week! WOOHOOOOOOOO!


Week Five of #Fit4Mich #C25K

I’ve been regularly exercising for 5 weeks now. Five. Cinco. WOW.

While that doesn’t seem like very long, for me it’s a miracle I’m still motivated!  I’m surprised by my consistently waking up three days a week at 4 o’dark 30 to be at the gym by 0500 in the morning.  Steve has a fantastic alarm clock.

I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me stay motivated by posting wishes of support and encouragement to this blog and my Reddit, FB and twitter pages. I’m deeply grateful and would hug every one of you if I could.  🙂

So, last week I found myself on the road half the week for work.  I’ve not been very successful being able to maintain weight loss, exercise and eating healthy while traveling, but this time, I was able to accomplish 2 out of 3.  Baby steps!

Here is a pic of my work out clothes all ready to go Friday of last week at the hotel.  I even brought my own red towel and all my gym goodies and what happens?  I oversleep.  I NEVER oversleep!  But I did after working in my hotel room on my laptop until 1 a.m.  GAH.  Oh well, no excuses were allowed because Saturday morning saw me at the gym instead!   🙂

And here is last week’s tale of the scale.  A weight loss of another lb, making my total weight loss for 5 weeks at 6 pounds.  I’m very happy.  Even more happy over the loss in inches to date.  Those below.

Yeah, I’m rocking the yellow nail polish.  haha

So, when measuring my neck, it showed no loss, but another 1/2 inch left my hips, 1/2 inch in my chest and 1.5 inches in my waist!  Big wins total 1.5 loss in hips and 3 inches in my waist!  I tried on my size 16 slacks and they fit PERFECTLY!  I haven’t been able to zip those up in forever.  That’s one size smaller than what I’ve been wearing for the past 3 years.  WooHOO!

And on Saturday, my C25K app told me this:

I was able to run 5 minutes straight without stopping … TWICE.  I love you C25K app!

So, what do I do to celebrate?  I allow the endorphins of exercise sign me up to run my 1st 5K here in the Houston area on October 27th.  The Color Run looks like a blast and I’m lucky to have friends that want to join in on the fun!  Those pics will not only be colorful, but I have a feeling I’ll have tears of joy streaming down my face. I hope.  🙂

How did you feel after completing your first 5K?


Week Four #Fit4Mich #C25K

Sorry so tardy with my post on last week’s #Fit4Mich update.  Somehow the weekend got out from under me and the next thing I realized, it’s Tuesday and I haven’t shared yet.

Let’s start off with the tale of the scale.  I thought I would’ve lost more, but it appears it was only .4 lb. Better than nothing I suppose and I was able to lose another 1/2 inch off of my hips.  You know, you’d think losing an inch in your hips would make a difference in your pants, but nope.  Not yet.  Onward!  🙂

I had much more success with Week 3 for my C25K app.  I was able to complete all 3 days and was quite proud of myself for being able to run a full 3 minutes in a row without having to stop or hold on.  Yippee!  Even Foursquare acknowledged its surprise at being in the gym 5 straight weeks.  HA!

I started pinning more inspirational quotes, recipes and workout ideas to my “Rock Your Body” page on Pinterest.  Man, I love that place.  Even though many recipes make me want to drool on my computer!  If you are on Pinterest, you can follow by clicking the link above.

I have to remind myself of this every day.  Every. Damn. Day.  🙂


I’ve been very lucky to have my chulo hubby come with me to the gym in the mornings to work out.  We’ve been leaving the house by 5 a.m. to get it done early and I just wanted to say THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!  It’s definitely a family affair to get fit.

Even our cat, Moo Moo, is joining in with stretching post-work out. 🙂

What’s your favorite HEALTHY post work out food?


Week Three #Fit4Mich #C25K

Last week’s “Week Three” of my quest to get #Fit4Mich (Fit For Michelle) was the toughest yet. 
I started Monday all ready to go on the #C25K Week 4, Day 1 and barely made it through.  It was very discouraging, but clearly I am not yet ready to run 5 minutes all at once … yet. 
After reading it’s okay to start some days over and taking the good advice from my “runner/healthy friends,” I decided to not push it and re-ran the C25K Days 2 and 3 of Week Three.  I’ll do the same this coming week too.  So, I’ll see this badge at least one more time and I’m totally cool with it!  🙂 
All in all, it was a successful week despite the running farther set back.  I lost another .6 lbs making my total weight loss since 6/20 of 4.6 lbs.  Woohoo!  (I need a pedicure :))
What I was most happy with this week was my loss in measurements since 6/20:
  • Neck = 14 (a loss of 1/2 inch)
  • Hips = 51.5 (a loss of 1/2 inch)
  • Waist = 1 inch (a loss of 1 inch … total so far of 1.5 inches)
  • Bust = 45.2 (new measurement I forgot to start on 6/20)
Not too bad for 3 weeks, right?  
I’m very pleased which makes me even more motivated and determined to keep it up.  Staying motivated has always been my downfall, but I find myself reading articles on running and exercise, watching what I eat more often than I thought I would and am just generally more HAPPY.  Go figure.  🙂  
I came across this quote from Jillian Michaels on a friend’s Facebook page this week that spoke to me.  I hope it does for you too. 
What gets/keeps YOU motivated to run/be healthy?