Week Three #Fit4Mich #C25K

Last week’s “Week Three” of my quest to get #Fit4Mich (Fit For Michelle) was the toughest yet. 
I started Monday all ready to go on the #C25K Week 4, Day 1 and barely made it through.  It was very discouraging, but clearly I am not yet ready to run 5 minutes all at once … yet. 
After reading it’s okay to start some days over and taking the good advice from my “runner/healthy friends,” I decided to not push it and re-ran the C25K Days 2 and 3 of Week Three.  I’ll do the same this coming week too.  So, I’ll see this badge at least one more time and I’m totally cool with it!  🙂 
All in all, it was a successful week despite the running farther set back.  I lost another .6 lbs making my total weight loss since 6/20 of 4.6 lbs.  Woohoo!  (I need a pedicure :))
What I was most happy with this week was my loss in measurements since 6/20:
  • Neck = 14 (a loss of 1/2 inch)
  • Hips = 51.5 (a loss of 1/2 inch)
  • Waist = 1 inch (a loss of 1 inch … total so far of 1.5 inches)
  • Bust = 45.2 (new measurement I forgot to start on 6/20)
Not too bad for 3 weeks, right?  
I’m very pleased which makes me even more motivated and determined to keep it up.  Staying motivated has always been my downfall, but I find myself reading articles on running and exercise, watching what I eat more often than I thought I would and am just generally more HAPPY.  Go figure.  🙂  
I came across this quote from Jillian Michaels on a friend’s Facebook page this week that spoke to me.  I hope it does for you too. 
What gets/keeps YOU motivated to run/be healthy?