My Wish For You In 2014

I make New Years resolutions every year. Most if not all are forgotten by February, but this year feels different.  Starting my journey to better health in June 2013 has given me a head start on the new year and my resolution is to keep on track and help motivate others to do the same.  Oh, and more phone calls with less texting too.  šŸ™‚

I’ve been asked by many on Facebook what I’m doing to lose weight and stay motivated.  I’m not on a diet, but I do keep track via the MYFITNESSPAL app of my exercise and food intake.  I always thought keeping track of every calorie was too time consuming and pointless, but this app makes it easy and it’s a great tool to see where you are and were you can go.  After all, it’s all about balance, so I can eat what I want, when I want.  I’ve learned that withholding the foods I love only makes me discouraged and less likely to stay on goal.  Balance all things!  Just be sure to move too. šŸ™‚

It was ultimately C25K, or Couch To 5K, that helped me get off the couch and get moving.  I have never been a runner nor ever engaged the thought of running.  When I used to go to the gym regularly, I lifted weights and walked the treadmill or rode one of the bikes.  That was it.  Running?  Pffft.  But I can say now that this app saved my life.  I had no intention of running a 5K when I first downloaded it, but now I WANT to run one.  I had to walk The Color Run in October last year because of the Gecko Incident, but I’ll be running the ABB 5K here in Houston in 2 weeks.  EEEK!  I have two torn meniscus from years of snow skiing in Garmisch and thinking I was 18 on the moguls of Snowmass in 2003 and I’m really slow, but I’m running.  If I can do it, so can you!

I recommend downloading the C25K app I linked above, get fitted for running shoes at a local athletic shoe store and take a free running clinic to make sure you have proper form.  Yes, you must have proper form when running or you’ll end up with an injury like I did that put me on 6 weeks of bed rest.  Start walking, start slowly, but just move.  Texas has Fleet Feet and Luke’s Locker so if you’re in our awesome state, click their links and check them out! 
I had a very nice Christmas with my family and friends and I hope you were blessed too.  I was lucky to receive this day-by-day runner’s log where I can keep track of my miles and how I feel day to day.  Writing down that day’s thoughts on my run is very helpful and I look forward to seeing how I progress in 2014.  Click the picture to get your very own running log today!  You can use it for walking too.
A couple of my Christmas wishes were answered with cold weather running gear and a Garmin watch to track my miles and heart rate.  I guess I wasn’t too naughty in 2013.  Haha. I was blessed by family who decked me out from head to toe.  Here is a pic of me before a run in North Carolina with a wind chill in the 20’s last week.  Brrr!  More importantly, if you had told me I’d be comfortable wearing running tights and shorts in public, I’d have laughed and laughed and laughed, but here I am and it felt great!  Imagine what Spring will bring.  I look skinny in this pic, but I’m not … yet.
This past week’s tale of the scale made me smile.  Twice.  We were out of town at my parents house so no measurements this week, but I’ll be sure to see where I am to share for next week’s blog post.  My once tighter smaller clothes are now getting loose too so I know I’m going the right direction, even through the holidays of chocolate, whiskey and pie.  I will run for whiskey!  
The Facebook Challenge by I <3 To Run really helped me stay on track by challenging page fans to run at least one mile every day in December.  I did it and I’m shocked I was able to do it.  Yay me!  Now, I’m doing their Run 100 days in 2014 challenge.  šŸ™‚
This pic is from North Carolina on New Years Eve 2013.
And this pic is from our scale at home yesterday, January 4, 2014.  Another goal met by getting under 190.  Next?  Getting under 180 by March 2014!  Let’s see if I can do it!  Challenge accepted!  šŸ™‚

I also signed Chulo Handsomehub and I up and joined the Cypress Running Club “No More Excuses” training program.  It’ll help us train to run the upcoming Blue Bell Fun Run in April 2014.  Eating all the ice cream you want after running in this event?  HECK YEAH!  šŸ™‚  Want to join us?  Click the Cypress Running Club link above and come on!  šŸ™‚  One way or another, no matter the failures, set backs and/or successes that will come throughout the year …


The new year brings new promises with a new slate.  You can do whatever you set your mind to do.  That little voice that says you can’t?  IT LIES.  So I wish you love, laughter and everything that makes you smile.  I wish you strength, faith and the determination to make all your dreams come true.  I wish you this:


Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.

Have a 2014 new years resolution?  Share it in the comments section below and how you plan to keep it.

Merry New Year everyone!  šŸ™‚

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