#Fit4Meesh is in Week 8!

Two months of regular exercise and better eating habits has its advantages.

Despite a rough start being sick on Monday and not going to the gym that day, I made up for it by staying balanced.  It paid off and it always will if I just stay active and off my couch.  So, another 2.4 lbs ran off, making 12.4 lbs my total loss to date. I still can’t see it in the mirror, but yippee for me!  My goal is getting closer with each step.  And I haven’t been starving myself to do it.  A very different approach for me this time.  I like it. 

I read an article yesterday that reiterates what I’ve been saying to myself for my new journey:  “Just eat food. Eat real food, be active, and live your life. Forget all the diet and weight loss nonsense. It’s really just that. Nonsense.” The complete piece here:  An Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients

For me, balance is key and I find myself making better choices most of the time.  I did have an amazing Ravioli dish this past week and a few Jack and Diet Cokes so I’m not perfect … But that’s ok. This is LIFE!  🙂

Friday at the gym gave me two badges.  Yes, I love my stinkin badges!  🙂

Oh, I’m fancy.  Haha 😉

I’ve completed Week 7 Day 3 of the #C25K plan and am coming up in my “final” 2 weeks before I’m officially ready to run at 5K.  Or so I’ve heard.  🙂  I was able to run 25 minutes straight yesterday. Although I’m really, really, REALLY slow, I’m still in shock I can jog at all.  The first 15 minutes of that 25-min run, I’m all like “damn, I’m doing this!”  Then the last 10 minutes, I struggled, but powered through thinking of how far I’ve come … where this journey is taking me …. of all your support …. and that my Chulo Handsomehub Steve has been by my side the whole way.  THANK YOU all.  

I changed my own made-up hashtag to #Fit4Meesh since the other has apparently been used for Michigan.  Took me 8 weeks to figure it out, but I <3 using Meesh.  That’s my nickname from one of my high school BFF’s Juanita Chulita.  Yes, that’s my name for her. xox

Do what makes you happy and have a great week y’all!  

How often do you exercise?

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