Week Four #Fit4Mich #C25K

Sorry so tardy with my post on last week’s #Fit4Mich update.  Somehow the weekend got out from under me and the next thing I realized, it’s Tuesday and I haven’t shared yet.

Let’s start off with the tale of the scale.  I thought I would’ve lost more, but it appears it was only .4 lb. Better than nothing I suppose and I was able to lose another 1/2 inch off of my hips.  You know, you’d think losing an inch in your hips would make a difference in your pants, but nope.  Not yet.  Onward!  🙂

I had much more success with Week 3 for my C25K app.  I was able to complete all 3 days and was quite proud of myself for being able to run a full 3 minutes in a row without having to stop or hold on.  Yippee!  Even Foursquare acknowledged its surprise at being in the gym 5 straight weeks.  HA!

I started pinning more inspirational quotes, recipes and workout ideas to my “Rock Your Body” page on Pinterest.  Man, I love that place.  Even though many recipes make me want to drool on my computer!  If you are on Pinterest, you can follow by clicking the link above.

I have to remind myself of this every day.  Every. Damn. Day.  🙂


I’ve been very lucky to have my chulo hubby come with me to the gym in the mornings to work out.  We’ve been leaving the house by 5 a.m. to get it done early and I just wanted to say THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!  It’s definitely a family affair to get fit.

Even our cat, Moo Moo, is joining in with stretching post-work out. 🙂

What’s your favorite HEALTHY post work out food?

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