Whiskey Girl

Traveling around the nation brings a broad perspective on life, love and the pursuit of whiskey. Let’s face it. I’m biased. I admit with every fiber in my soul that Jack Daniel’s is the best and most awesome whiskey ever to be concocted in the universe.

But as I travel across our great nation regarding things more important than, dare I say whiskey, I come to find out there is much more than out there other than Jack. (insert shocked face here).

Cue the Nashville airport where I went into a gift shop to buy a Diet Coke for the flight home to Sweet Home God Bless Texas. I’m immediately distracted by Jack Daniels pecans, cake, flasks and a t-shirt that says “Whiskey Girl.” SQUIRREL! Or should I say: WHISKEY! This all within 24 hours of my Chulo Handsomehub telling me I buy too many t-shirts. Did I buy the shirt? HA!

And there … amongst the trash rags of the Enquirer and In Touch, is a magazine I never knew existed: Whisky Advocate. I think I heard angels sing as I read this particular edition highlights the 19th Annual Whiskey Awards, the Best in 13 Categories.

Artisan Whiskey of the Year: Corsair Triple Smoke

American Whiskey of the Year: Four Roses 2012 Limited Edition Small Batch

World Whiskey of the Year: Millstone Sherry Cask 12 year old

WOW! Check out all the categories at the jump by clicking this sentence! 🙂

I can taste the brilliance as I read on and look forward to branching out. That said, y’all are going to have to be above and beyond for me to stay from the love affair I have with Jack. 🙂

Here are the Top 10 Whiskies for this summer: Yum. Let the whiskey games begin!

What is YOUR favorite whiskey? Share in the comments section below!

“The true pioneer of civilization is not the newspaper, not religion, not the railroad … but whiskey!.” ~ Mark Twain

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