LISTEN TONIGHT ===> The Return of #MatchGame #MGMN

Tonight #MatchGame returns to @The405radio starring @GayPatriot @brodigan @VodkaPundit @CnservativePunk @KiraAynDavis @GaltsGirl … oh, and lil ole me too!   =)

I loved this show in the 70’s and can’t wait to play tonight!  For you younguns, here’s a clip from a funny episode.  Hell, they were ALL funny.  p.s.  My answer was “Meat.”  Yes, TWSS. 😉

Hope you’ll listen in tonight at 9PM EST for guaranteed laughter and fun. 🙂

Click here for the livestream and choose Match Game!

Also, join in on twitter by following hashtag #MGMN.

It’ll be groovy, man!  🙂

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