Yippee-ai-ay Yippee-ai-oh! ==> March 30: Today in Texas History! #txhx

It was today in 1892, that the first train crossed the Pecos High Bridge near Comstock, Texas.

It only took 87 days to build and for many years was considered the highest railroad bridge in North America.

The Pecos High Bridge was a final segment of the Sunset Route where travelers could now move from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Ocean cutting their travel time down by weeks and even months.

Whenever I hear “Pecos,” I think of Disney’s 1948 cartoon Pecos Bill. It was one of my favorites so here’s the video of the theme song by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers where they sing about the life and times of Pecos Bill. Enjoy!

Yippee-ai-ay! Yippee-ai-oh! =)

“You must remember that space is large; it is even larger than Texas.” ~ Dr. Werner von Braun

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