Remember Goliad ==> March 27: Today in Texas History #txhx

On this day in 1836, a Palm Sunday, approximately 350 Texan prisoners, including their commander Colonel James Fannin, were executed in Goliad, TX, under the orders from Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna. An estimated 30 Texans escaped execution.

The Goliad Massacre joined the Alamo as a rallying cry against Mexico for Texas Independence. It is believed this infamous event contributed to the Texan victory at the battle of San Jacinto where we ultimately won the independence of the Republic of Texas.

The Texas Army along with the Crossroads of Texas Living History Association put on a recreation of the Goliad Massacre every year. The Texas Army is the official 1836 ceremonial and reenactment group for the State of Texas and “is dedicated to the purposes of perpetuating the memory of those early Texas patriots who worked and fought as the first army of the Republic of Texas.”

Learn more about the reenactment of Goliad and other Texas Independence events by clicking this link: Texas Army Dot Org Events.

“Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!“~ Sam Houston’s soldiers at the Battle Of San Jacinto

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