Coughing #CPAC2013

Apparently Washington DC makes me sick … literally.  My plan to share daily updates with you here at my blog has failed miserably.  I do have notes from being out and about a bit on Thursday morning before the “CPAC Crud” hit me, so I’ll share those tomorrow when I return to Texas.  I’ve spent more time in my hotel room taking medicine and sleeping to keep my fever and coughing to a minimum than being able to network, interview politicians, visit Radio Row or see the CPAC Exhibit Hall or speeches live.  La sigh.

Big thanks and love to Amelia, Sarah, Kemberlee, Dina and DeAnn for offering and bringing me meds and Diet Coke to help me feel better as I grumbled from my bed.  Love y’all!  I have a suspicion I’ll feel better once I return to Texas in the morning.  🙂

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