March 9: Today in Texas History #txhx

Today in 1707, the “Ramón Expedition” left Mission San Juan Bautista on a trip north of the Rio Grande. Regarded as the mother of Texas missions, San Juan Bautista served as a gateway for expeditions to the Texas interior.

The expedition included 31 soldiers and citizens, 150 horses and 20 pack mules. Diego Ramón was sent on the excursion by Coahuila Governor Alarcón to punish raiding Indians, to gather neophytes (new converts to Christianity) for the smallpox-ravaged Rio Grande missions and to explore the region. The expedition ended up as far as present-day Texas counties Webb and Dimmit before returning to Mission San Juan Bautista in April 1708.

“Texans ain’t Texans if they aren’t willing to boast about the state they call home.” ~ Anonymous, AAA Texas Tour Book, 2005

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