#RememberAB: Remembering Andrew Breitbart

It’s been one year since we lost Andrew Breitbart and I’ve read many beautiful tributes to his legacy online today. Today is probably the hardest day since giving up Twitter for Lent because I can’t see all the tweets too.  He is missed in the conservative movement and will never be replaced, but many have continued his quest for truth on the electronic battlefield, as Andrew called it, to call out fabrications and lies by the left and the media.  Anyone can break a story so keep your voices heard!  The truth isn’t mean.  It’s the truth.

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I didn’t know Andrew personally, but did have the privilege of meeting him and hearing him speak several times.  He had a special way of speaking his thoughts that I wish I had.  To articulate oneself in the way Andrew could was a gift from God.  We were blessed to have him on our side.

Today I have been listening to interviews of Andrew on FTR Radio Pays Tribute to Andrew Breitbart that are playing until 2200 tonight (that’s 10 p.m. you civilians :)).  I am reminded of the big voice and big love for liberty we had in him.  He spoke of how you could not stifle free speech and how speaking out against policies and agenda was not personal or racist.  He repeatedly reminded us that the institutional left is a vast movement who moved under the radar to infiltrate education, our culture and our communities and therefore now owns the narrative.  

My tribute last year to Andrew reminded me we have a long way to go in changing the narrative.  I decided to change my way of thinking in how I approached engagement with others regarding conservatism.  I got off my high horse and became a Precinct Chairman for the Harris County Republican Party here in Texas.  I focus on the positive and talk about everything from reality TV to music to whatever goofy meme is out there.  The simplest conversations with everyone is how conversations will eventually lead to economics and politics.  We can preach to our own all day, but most people don’t know what they don’t know and when they know conservatism, it will win every time.  This is how we’ll change the narrative. Getting outside of comfy zone and engaging others.

I decided to become a Precinct Chairman after attending a panel about Precincts at RightOnline in 2011.  It also came from a conversation with Andrew about how more black and hispanic conservatives needed to speak up and engage about our passion for family, for life, liberty, conservatism and economic freedom.  Too many activists on the right are still called racist or a token by the party of “diversity and love for all.”  What do I say to that?  TO HELL WITH THEM.

This suburban Annie Oakley (another great term from Andrew) WILL use the label of hispanic conservative if it will get the attention of someone who thinks we don’t exist.  I will play their game in order to promote economic freedom and liberty. I don’t mind getting dirty … even with my own side.  Think what you will, but I know that Andrew would be proud of me doing my little part to change the narrative.  The reward is winning over one voter at a time and I’m ready …


Learn how you can help Andrew’s children here: The Breitbart Children’s Trust

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