Dear Bob Woodward … #BlogBash

Recently reporter Bob Woodward was threatened by the White House that he “would regret” speaking out against President Obama and his policies and agenda.

Since when are we not allowed to voice our opinions in this country?  All the President’s Thugs, indeed!

Never fear, Bob Woodward!

Many Americans APPRECIATE your willingness to speak out, even when we don’t always agree.  When my grandmother was alive, she used to always say “you don’t know what you don’t know,” so I hope you will accept the invitation to attend BlogBash this year and tell us what you know.

I think you will find many of us agree with you that when you see how the President makes political and policy decisions, you see who he is. We are paying attention to every detail in every corner, but it’s tough when we’re up against the power hungry mainstream media and their impatience for fact checking.

Join us at BlogBash to help spread the good word and TRUTH.  Because truth isn’t mean.  It’s truth.

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