Gun Rights Measures Introduced in Texas Legislature

I’ll keep repeating it until it sinks in with anti-gun extremists, but disarming innocent people does not and will not protect us.  Law abiding citizens should not be blamed or penalized for the acts of cowardice and terror by criminals.  Nor should we be hindered in protecting ourselves and our families should we choose to own a firearm. Any firearm. My Family.  My Choice.  My Right.

Since that horrific day in December, there has been an assault of commentary on the evils of gun ownership thrust upon the American public from our President, Congressional leaders, national and local news networks, their anchors and reporters as well as Hollywood celebrities. All are using their voices, popularity and agenda to place a cloud of lies, fabrications and misinformation on gun ownership.  Factstruth and correct terminology prove very difficult for these gun extremists.  

So, I was pleased to read last evening from the NRA-ILA that there are several more gun rights measures being introduced in the Texas Legislature this session:

  • HB 1077 prohibits institutions of higher education from enforcing policies preventing students from lawfully transporting and storing legally-owned firearms in their locked private motor vehicles parked on-campus. (Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt)
  • HB 1078 eliminates the criminal penalty against Concealed Handgun Licensees carrying for protection on the premises of an institution of higher education. (Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt)
  • HB 1142 allows school districts to offer an elective course in firearms for grades 9-12, to include instruction on the history of the Second Amendment and safety training and be taught by a qualified CHL instructor or peace officer. (Rep. James White)
  • HB 1194 allows open carry as an option for Texas Concealed Handgun Licensees, similar to legislation filed by Rep. George Lavender (HB 700). (Rep. Chris Paddie)
  • HB 1298 aims to remove restrictions on Concealed Handgun Licensees carrying in locations where a school field trip is occurring, if the CHL is not a student, teacher, administrator or chaperone on the field trip. (Rep. Jonathan Stickland)
  • HB 1304 protects against inadvertent or accidental display of a handgun by a Concealed Handgun Licensee, similar to legislation filed by Sen. Craig Estes (SB 299). (Rep. Kenneth Sheets)

What can you do to help?  Use YOUR voice.  Contact your state representative and ask them nicely to please support these measures.  Remember:  Don’t leave it to someone else, you ARE someone else!

Not sure who or how to contact your state rep?  Find out here!

“Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.” – Sam Houston

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