LIVE from Houston: First C-Section Tweetathon #MHBaby

Per the Cypress Creek Mirror, Memorial Hermann Hospital Memorial City Houston will be live tweeting a Cesarean birth on Wednesday, 2/20/2013. There will also be live video from the assistant surgeon’s head cam.  I’ve had a c-section and cannot imagine a video broadcast to the public with tweets of my son’s birth, but our culture has changed quite a bit since 1992. The mother’s identity will remain confidential, but the rest of blessed event will be documented and as the mother’s obstetrician Dr. Anne Gonzalez says:

“This social media event will be beneficial for a few reasons. It will allow us to pull back the curtain on the most common surgery that many women need to have in order to deliver their baby. It also will help families to prepare for their own deliveries and show them what to expect,ā€

It is an amazing honor to be involved in the most important event in this family’s life and we are thankful they are sharing their story with the public.

Families need to remember that a cesarean delivery is still a surgery with associated risks and should only be performed if necessary,

Ultimately, the primary goal of any delivery is for mom and baby to be healthy.ā€

The Memorial Hermann Health System has hosted three (3) live online events prior to this week’s #MHBaby to educate and give the public a look into what really happens behind the scenes.  I can’t follow the live cast since I’ll be in Day 9 of Lent on Wednesday where I gave up Twitter, but if you’re interested, follow #MHBaby and @houstonhospital to participate in this family’s joyous live birth of their child.  Congratulations, well wishes and prayers to #MHBaby and family!  

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord; The fruit of the womb is a reward. ~ Psalm 127:3

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