February 15: Today in Texas History #txhx

1856 – A ship carrying 65 camels departed from Tunis, North Africa, for Indianola, TX. The military wanted to test the usefulness of camels in transporting supplies in West Texas.

1876 – Citizens of Texas adopted the Constitution of 1876. The document is the sixth constitution by which Texas has been governed since declaring independence from Mexico. Among the longest of U.S. state constitutions, and despite having been amended more than 230 times, it remains the basic law of Texas today.

1880 – O. T. Bassett, visiting El Paso on business, wrote in his diary, “Plenty of room here for a big city, which it will be in time after the railroads come.” His prediction was right on target, as most authorities agree that the arrival of the railroads in 1881 and 1882 was the single most significant event in El Paso history, transforming a sleepy, dusty little adobe village of several hundred inhabitants into a flourishing frontier community. By the late 1990s the El Paso metropolitan statistical area was the sixth largest in Texas.

“There is a growing feeling that perhaps Texas is really another country, a place where the skies, the disasters, the diamonds, the politicians, the women, the fortunes, the football players and the murders are all bigger than anywhere else.” Pete Hamill

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