Day 1: How I did my first day away from FB and Twitter.

So far, so good. I’m not biting my nails or hyperventilating. Yet. =) I did find myself reaching for my cell phone to check what was going on … a lot. Understandable considering I’ve posted over 72,000 tweets since December 2008. I did think of Twitter more with its instant flow of information and news. Going from knowing the news before its news to reading about it hours later kinda sucks. But I’ll survive. =)

Appropriate this would be my morning prayer reading today:


I embrace and exercise self-discipline.

Each person has spiritual attributes such as wisdom, understanding, strength, power and discernment. These powers help us reach our divine potential. I grow into fuller expression of my Christ Self as I commit to my spiritual practice.

Self-discipline is my companion on the road to self-discovery, enlightenment and a more fulfilling life. I call upon the power of the indwelling Christ to strengthen my resolve. I keep my divine appointment to commune with God in prayer every day. I gently release that which does not support my spiritual growth and well-being. Today, as I embark on a journey of spiritual renewal, I confidently exercise self-discipline.

God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and … self-discipline.—2 Timothy 1:7

Only 45 days to go! =)

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