During my lunch hour today, I thought I’d peek in on Twitter to see what was happening across our beautiful world.  To my surprise I saw a tweet from Ron Paul that both shocked and saddened me.

Listen.  I get that many believe America intervenes too much in other countries “business.”  I also understand how some could view a military sniper as dangerous. What I do not comprehend is how someone could so callously value the life of one of our military heroes who vowed to serve our country in the cause of freedom. This is how I viewed Ron Paul’s tweet about American Sniper Chris Kyle. And I couldn’t sit back and not speak up.  For me, ‘our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Which brings me to the point of my post.  Please support our military while they’re deployed or stationed in another country and also when they return stateside.  We must never forget the sacrifices they and their families make each and every day to bring freedom to the world and keep it here in America.  We should honor all of them. There are a bevy of organizations that do great work. Here are just a few:

As I always say, don’t leave it to someone else, you ARE someone else.  And don’t think your voice won’t be heard.  Here are a few news organizations that shared my tweet above with their readers.  We can change the world for the better.  One tweet at a time.

CNN Political Ticker Blog “Ron Paul’s Controversial Tweet About Slain Navy Seal”

Fox News “Ron Paul Tweets Controversial Message About Murdered Navy Seal Veteran”

CNN’s Gut Check for February 4, 2013: Top Tweets

Learn more about Chris Kyle here.

RIP Patriot.  Never Forget.  Honor Them.


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