Collectivism and the Debt Of Mass Destruction

Last night, I decided to watch “2016: Obama’s America.” The tag underneath all the movie posters says: “Love him. Hate him. You don’t know him.”

My God, Dinesh D’Souza wasn’t exaggerating.

It all makes sense now. Every action our President has made has had a purpose. And anyone who thinks otherwise after seeing it is a fool. A DAMN FOOL I say!

The movie is On Demand with most carriers, or you can purchase it online. No matter your political affiliation, it is a frightening look into where our country’s been under President Obama and what we’re in for the next 4 years. Our government is using debt as a weapon of mass destruction. And before you “BUT BUSH!” me, the actions of the last 4 years and his re-election has set up Americans to be spiked harder than a beach volleyball. It’s gonna hurt bad.

The promise of collectivism may sound like a great thing to many, but it is a death sentence to the prosperous America we’ve grown accustomed to living in. Many of us hoped the last election would change things, but instead it’s about to get much worse and there will be no place to hide. Not for me. Not for you.

I really hate being “that lady.” You know the one. She’s ultra paranoid of government and of media. She researches all sides and viewpoints to find the truth hidden away. She’s considering hoarding goods and services because of the damages she sees all around her to society, humanity and morality. She wants to have somewhere she can take her family for safety where they can live in peace away from tyrannical rule. Wait. That’s *supposed* to be America!

Love him. Hate him. You don’t know him … until you see this movie. Do yourself a favor and watch it immediately. Please tell me my belief that America is being destroyed for “the greater good” isn’t happening. Please prove me wrong so I can sleep knowing my children will have as good a life as I have had so far. I’ll wait.

Despite my profound worry, I still have faith in the greatness of America. I will still look at all sides to issues of the day to find the truth. I will still contact my Congressman regarding bills being voted on in Congress. And I will still speak out against all fabrications of our government and our media. The only difference for me after seeing this documentary is that my eyes are now wide open. Open yours before it’s too late.

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