I Am Andrew Breitbart

Just 24 hours ago, I was checking the morning news on twitter when to my horror, I read a tweet from @seanagnew about the death of Andrew Breitbart.  My immediate response: NOOOOOOOOO!  Immediately I went to the article expecting to read about the hoax.  It was not.  The article was written by Andrew’s friend and business partner Larry Solov on Andrew’s own website.  Then another tweet from @Ben_Howe further confirming the news after he spoke to a personal friend who knew Andrew.  My day from there was a complete mess.

I cried.  I couldn’t concentrate. I prayed for his wife, his children and his family.  I still do.  I found myself sitting in front of my laptop staring and reading tweet after tweet and searching the internet for all news Andrew.  I even tried to write this, but knew there would be tributes out there from those who were much better writers and truly knew him.  But in reality, it was that I was unable to put a sentence together without feeling a deep sense of sadness with a hole in my heart.  Today I still have this feeling, but in honor of Andrew, I’m picking up my sword to continue as a happy warrior.

I’ve seen Andrew speak on several occasions while attending CPAC, RightOnline, and the Smart Girl Summit.  It was at the Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis last summer that I was fortunate enough to actually meet, talk and get a picture with Andrew.  He was so gracious as so many of us waited to talk to him.  He listened, had long conversations and smiled in every photo with us.

When I was able to get the courage to walk up to him and talk, I was nervous because I admired him so much, but he immediately put me at ease with his wicked grin.  I introduced myself and said “and I’m from Texas.”  He grinned even larger and said “I LOVE Texas!” I then proceeded to tell him that I just started blogging that year as a citizen journalist and recently started writing for his website Big Government.  I shook his hand and thanked him. His response?  “No, thank YOU!”  šŸ™‚

Smart Girl Summit July 2011

Later that weekend, I was hanging out with my fellow Smart Girls in the lobby bar after dinner and here comes Andrew with his young son Samson.  Samson is the first person I thought of after I processed the news of Andrew’s passing. Prayers. They were both came over and we all talked about life and the greatness of America.  Samson drew pictures of my friends and we all laughed together at various stories.

Andrew was nothing like the vile tweets and articles on the web from those who hated him.  They didn’t know him like we did.  They didn’t know or want to believe he could possibly be the wonderful husband, loving father and amazing person that he truly was in life. They are ignorant and blinded by their own lies and hatred.  I will pray for them.  You should too.

My friend Sarah put together a beautiful tribute on Andrew noting we have lost a giant.  She included links to other tributes from across the country.  Including this one made by @Ben_Howe for the @Franklin Center:  Warrior: Franklin Center Remembers Andrew Breitbart.  Please read their stories and memories.  This will keep Andrew’s spirit alive.

As we continue to grieve, we know Andrew can never be replaced.  He was a one-of-a-kind genius with more energy than anyone I have ever met.  I would have loved to bottled up an ounce of that energy because …  damn.  I could get so much done.  šŸ™‚

To honor him, we must pick up his sword … our own sword … and carry on the good fight against any hatred, injustice, and lie we see across our great nation.  Andrew knew it would be the average American citizen … not the politicians … who would stop the runaway freedom stealing culture and race war spending train.  Join me in stopping this crazy train!

We must unite.  No more my candidate is better than your candidate.  No more if [insert the candidate you despise the most] wins, we lose.  That’s CRAP.  And no more if so-in-so wins, I’m not voting or I’m writing in what’s his/her face name.  That’s giving your vote to 0bama.    

The fight is against the 0bama administration and their freedom squashing policies.  The fight is against the mainstream media who is the Super PAC for the progressive movement.  The fight is for our own livelihood and for a smaller government, a stronger economy with a strong military, less federal regulation for more jobs, with focus on personal responsibility and prosperity for all.
In April 2010, Andrew said:

“it’s good that freedom loving Americans are finally realizing the power of their collective action, the power of expressing their voice and are no longer being cowed out to the powers of political correctness and multi culturalism and the threat that you’re going to be called an ‘ist’ … a racist … a sexist … or homophobic … for disagreeing on policy.”

We are all Andrew now.  Don’t leave it to someone else.  You ARE someone else.  

I am Andrew Breitbart.

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