Remarkable Obama

Yesterday I read an article that Poet Maya Angelou believes that “Barack Obama has done a remarkable job.” Angelou goes further in the article to say that President Obama deserves to be re-elected.  Deserves?  No.

What can President Obama’s remarkable record proclaim?

A real unemployment rate of 15% is remarkable.

Record number of families on food stamps is remarkable.

Instructing parents what their children can eat at school is remarkable.

Placing Hispanics in a box wrapped in a chimichanga is remarkable.

Promoting class and race warfare is remarkable.

Ordering Americans to purchase healthcare is remarkable.

Spending money we don’t have over saving for our future is remarkable.

Supporting law breakers at Occupy protests is remarkable.

Giving my children, ages 20, 19 and 13 a citizen debt of $49,316.93 is remarkable. (Same for me, my husband and YOU too)

Calling any American an extremist who disagrees with his policies is remarkable.

Waging war on women’s health and religious freedom is remarkable.

Not promoting the greatness of America is remarkable.

Promising to do more for Israel and not following through is remarkable.

Promising in 2008 to cut the deficit in half and instead doubling down on spending is remarkable.

Sitting quietly by as Senate Democrats don’t pass a budget in over 1,000 days is remarkable.

Stating the jobs bill was paid for when it was NOT is remarkable.

Stating the United States produces more oil than ever before when we do NOT is remarkable.

Proclaiming the rich do not pay their fair share when they do is remarkable.

His “no boots on the ground” in Libya lie is remarkable.

“HCR is not increasing the deficit by one dime” LIE is remarkable.

“The Texas border is safer today that ever before” lie is remarkable.

“I’ll get rid of earmarks” is yet another remarkable lie.

The most transparent administration in history is a remarkable lie.

Bills will be posted to read for three (3) days is a remarkable lie.

“The American Recovery Act will create/save more jobs” is another remarkable lie.

Yes, I could go on with more remarkable lies and promises broken by the Obama administration, but I will end my remarkable rant there. Well … except to admit that President Obama did make one statement that holds true.

 “We are going to fundamentally change America.” 

These were the words then Presidential candidate Barack Obama said on the campaign trail in 2008.  Now, after 3 years of so many failed promises, failed policies and failed hope for Americans wanting a better future, it is these seven words yelled with confidence by Obama that have held true.

Food prices have sky rocked along with gas prices and all things that have a price tag on them.  Where is the media outrage at our rising costs towards the Obama administration as they did with the Bush administration?  Crickets.

More Americans are without work and 36.3% of working-age Americans do not have a job and aren’t even looking.  And then the Obama For America campaign charges $35,800 a plate at fundraising dinners.

Is this what you voted for?

From Political Editor Guy Benson comes the Political Quote Of The Year from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner this week, speaking on behalf of President Obama and his administration, to Rep. Paul Ryan:

You are right to say we’re not coming before you today to say “we have a definite solution to that long term problem.  What we do know is we don’t like yours.”

Geithner admits to the Obama Administrations incompetence!  Wow.  Just wow.

No solutions.  No leadership.

It’s time for change, my friends.  Vote. Him. Out.  Vote them ALL out who continue to support the progressive agenda of putting us further in debt. I hope you will join me.

Remember in November!

Don’t leave it to someone else.  You ARE someone else!

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