I’ll bet ABC News $10,000 their transcript of the Iowa Republican Debate is WRONG **UPDATE**

UPDATE 12/15:  ABC News has corrected their erroneous transcript.  Don’t think one person can make a difference?  Think again.  It’s sad lil ole me had to call out big news network ABC, but when it needs to be done, do it!  Don’t leave it to someone else.  You ARE someone else.  p.s.  Where’s my $10K?! 🙂


Why does the public distrust the mainstream media?  Hmm …

The list is oh-so-long, but it surely doesn’t help when ABC News’ own transcript states Governor Rick Perry said “okay” after Mitt Romney’s bet and he clearly did NOT.
MITT ROMNEY: You know what? You’ve raised that before, Rick. And– you’re simply wrong.

RICK PERRY: It– it– it was true then. (CHUCKLE) It’s true now.

MITT ROMNEY: That– now, this– Rick, I’ll– I’ll tell you what. (CHUCKLE) 10,000 bucks– (APPLAUSE) $10,000 bet?

RICK PERRY: I’m not in the bettin’ business, but, okay.

Video proof that Perry did NOT say “but, okay” via Legal Insurrection:
Read their lips, as it’s clear Romney said “okay” in response to Perry.  Sheesh!

ABC, please REVISE your transcript.   

Jeebus.  We citizen journalists have to keep you in line too much.  Do your job and report the news correctly please.  Thanks and GOD BLESS!  =)

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