Ted Cruz’s 12 Steps To Jobs = Brilliant!

Last week, U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz laid out a very different jobs plan that President Obama.  The President’s “if you love me, pass this bill” plan won’t create jobs.  That “jobs plan” increases pharmacy co-pays for military health care and more spending, spending, spending!  Read the Obama “jobs plan” fine print here.

Photo from HispanicRepublicansofTX.org

As I’ve written in previous blog postings, Cruz, the former solicitor general of Texas, is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate running for the seat of Kay Bailey-Hutchison who will be retiring at the end of her term next year.

We have a leader in Cruz and the video below lays out his 12 step plan to jobs.

Read the plan specifics here.

Ted Cruz is a candidate that truly is as good as it gets.  Ted continues to win straw poll after straw poll with the latest at the Garland Tea Party just last week.  Texans can see a true conservative in Cruz who understands the importance of small government, talks the talk, walks the walk and listens to the citizens of this great state.

And while the word on the street is that this is a two-man race between Cruz and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Dewhurst has missed 9 … yes NINE … invitations to attend these types of events prompting the question:  Where in the heck is he?!

Join Ted Cruz’s team today.  Learn more here!

God Bless Texas!

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