New Texas Laws Effective September 1, 2011

Effective TODAY, hundreds of new laws will be effective in God Bless Texas. Are you ready?

In an article by Anna Tinsley at the Star-Telegram, Assistant Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus from the University of Houston (GO Coogs!) states:

“These laws are a lot of small things that might add up to be something big. You have a fairly conservative agenda that manifested in the grouping of these laws.”

“Collectively, people may feel a trend toward more conservative governing,” he said. “Among the bigger things, the general scope of the budget and the major issue – the need to cut billions of dollars and the way in which it was cut – shows a distinctly conservative stamp on the Legislature.”


Here’s a run down of a few of the bills passed that are effective SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 for my fellow Texans so you don’t get caught on breaking the law! 

  • Applicants for a driver’s license or state ID must provide proof they are legally in the country in order to obtain the driver’s license.
  • Feral hogs can be shot via helicopter by licensed hunters.
  • It is now legal to catch a catfish with your bare hands, i.e. noodling!
  • SB 321 allows gun owners to keep their guns and ammunition in their cars during business hours in company parking lots.
  • In an effort to restore and maintain integrity to the Texas voting system, SB 14 requires citizens to present to a valid photo ID at the polls in order to vote.
  • Tort reform has come to Texas in that the Texas Supreme Court will expedite lawsuit claims under $100K.  This bill will also permit judges to dismiss lawsuits that have no merit.  
  • Senate Bill 407 states that any youth caught sexting can be charged with a misdemeanor which could even result in jail time if repeated.
  • Border Security biennial budget increased to $219.5 million.

So, my fellow Texans, our border should start to be a little safer with the increase to our border security budget.  We have a long way to go
 to secure them, but I have faith this is a step in the right direction.

If you want to drive, you must provide proof of legal residence. To vote, you must present a valid photo ID.  Boo and Yah.

Kids:  Don’t sext.  It’s against the law.  It’s inappropriate.  And it’s just gross. Umm, pay attention to your kids, parents!  

Please stop with the frivolous lawsuits, Texans.  We’ve got your number and we won’t be paying it.

When you can take the appropriate classes to obtain your hunter’s license, you can now take your guns and ammo and rent a helicopter to help with the Texas feral hog infestation before getting in a little catfish noodling afterwards.  

And as you drive home with your catfish dinner, you don’t have to worry about removing your guns and ammo from your vehicle after your exhausting day of hunting and noodling.  The law now protects gun owners by allowing them to leave these items in their vehicles during business hours in company parking lots.  


Anna’s full article can be found at the Star-Telegram by clicking this link.

To see the full list of the Texas laws effective September 1, 2011, please go to Legislative Reference Library of Texas.

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