The 112th VFW National Convention

Every year, thousands of military veterans attend the Veterans of Foreign Affairs (VFW) National Convention.  They meet to elect new officers and delegates, vote on organizational by-laws and attend various VFW workshops.  The camaraderie amongst vets is unparalleled so I would imagine it like a big, bad-assed family reunion.
This year, the convention is being held in San Antonio, Texas and today, Texas Governor Rick Perry  took the stage to speak to the participants of the National VFW Convention.  He stressed that we should only risk American blood when our vital interests are threatened.  He also noted we should respect our allies while building coalitions amongst other freedom loving peoples and their countries.

There is no doubt where my heart lies when it comes to the military and so when Governor Perry said “the men and women of our military truly are the greatest ambassadors of freedom the world has even seen,” it made the Army brat in me smile with pride for the service my father gave in the United States Army.  GO ARMY!  🙂

Governor Perry also announced Housing4TexasHeroes, a new $3 million grant program administered by the Texas Veterans Commission to help veterans buy, build, rehabilitate or rent a home.  How fantastic!

“The sacrifices made by the veterans and their families who will benefit from these housing grants are nothing short of extraordinary,” Thomas Palladino, executive director of the Texas Veterans Commission, said.

Read more about Housing4TexasHeroes here and how you can help support it.  Governor Perry’s full speech below. 

So while there may have been some controversy as no representation from the White House was present for the first time in VFW history, I believe in the success for the 2 million strong membership of the VFW and its National Convention.   Please continue to help our military and their families by supporting one or more of the following wonderful organizations:

Watch the live stream of the 112th VFW National Convention here.

God Bless Our Troops Always!


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