A Letter to My Readers

The 2012 Presidential campaign is going to be brutal.

But during this time, we must keep calm and carry on.  

And we must remain informed.  

We must be aware of where every candidate stands on every issue that is important to us while keeping an open mind that not everyone running is perfect. Seriously.  It’s true.  Not one of them.  Although it sure would make it easier if we had a “perfect” candidate.  Ha!

This is why I research and will share information.  And this is why America is the greatest nation on Earth.  Because I CAN.  

So, in the coming days/weeks/months, I hope you visit my blog as I will begin sharing more and more information on my favorite candidates.  Despite what many may think, I am not 100% committed to any one candidate as of today. We still have a long campaign season to go … 449 days to be exact … so heads up.  I am fiercely loyal and biased to my top faves, faults and all.  And you’ll read about all of it here from me, if you haven’t already.  🙂

I want to share candidate information with you so you in turn can share the good word forward to your family and friends.  I hope you’ll share with me too.


The most important point I’d like to make in today’s post is that I hope you will make a promise to join me in standing with whomever wins the Republican Presidential nomination … even if they’re not our #1 choice. 

We must UNITE alongside that candidate because our children … and all of America .. cannot afford another 4 years of the Obama Administration. That’s a fact.  And do not underestimate the power of President Obama’s supporters. They are dedicated.  They are loyal.  
But so are we.  To our families.  To our country.  And to our God.
Please join me in not leaving it to someone else.  We ARE someone else.
Are you ready to fight like a girl?
I am.

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