God Bless Our Military! Just not at the Houston National Cemetery. **Updated!**

Yes, you read that right.

As I sat today and listened to the Michael Berry Show today, I overheard a story that has left me disgusted.  Seems the Houston National Cemetery Director is requiring grieving families they cannot use the words “God” or “Jesus” at any funeral ceremony without her approval.

Nik Rajokovic at Houston’s KTRH broke the story here.


I can barely get my thoughts together to type this post, but I’m not going to sit by and not speak up for those families who have lost a loved one and are having to now worry about submitting a written request for prayer to someone for approval.  Last time I checked, this was the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Heads up, Director of the Houston National Cemetery.  It still is.  

Thanks to the Berry Brigade, here is how YOU can help STOP this disrespectful and unacceptable “requirement” put forth by the Houston National Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio.  How dare she require families to submit their prayers to her in writing for approval?!   Oh.  And there’s more.  And no bibles.  And no chapel.  Oh wait.  The chapel was closed.  Read on.

Let your voice be heard here! Please call and write and stand for our military and their families in their greatest time of need!  Their service and sacrifice is what is allowing us to do this and all things in freedom today.

Call President Obama’s appointee, Houston National Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio at 281-447-8686 (extension 206) and tell her this will not be tolerated!  The lines are busy, but keep trying.  **UPDATED** Word is the Director is not answering calls and that they’ve taken the phone off the hook.  As my son says all too often: meh.  She’s not going to change her mind.  Make a TRUE difference and call EVERY. SINGLE. CONGRESSMAN. on the list below!  ðŸ˜‰

Thank you to Congressman Ted Poe for already calling into the Michael Berry Show personally to support stopping this unacceptable action against religious freedom.  He’s confirmed that this Director is violation of the law and should be fired.  AGREED.   Congressman Poe has written a letter to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs demanding answers.  God Bless You Sir!

Thank you to Congressman Pete Olson for his press release urging there is no room in America for censorship and certainly no place for it in a private military funeral!  God Bless You Sir!

Thank you to Congressman Gene Green for his statement that these acts are unacceptable.  God Bless You Sir!  Note:  The Michael Berry Show is awaiting a return call to see if Congressman Green in on board to the immediate firing of Ms. Ocasio.

Thank you to Congressman Michael McCaul for his support of the removal of Ms. Ocasio from her position at the Houston National Cemetery.

Please also call the VA in Houston and Washington DC, along with your local Congressman.  The phone numbers are listed below:
  • Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Houston Office) 713-383-1999
  • Dept. of Veterans Affairs  (DC Office) 202-373-5400


Sheila Jackson Lee (Houston Office) 713-655-0050 

                                 (DC Office) 202-225-3816
Ted Poe                   (Kingwood Office) 281-446-0242
                                 (DC Office) 202-225-6565
Michael McCaul       (Katy Office) 281-398-1247
                                 (DC Office) 202-225-2401
Kevin Brady             (Conroe Office) 936-441-5700
                                  (DC Office) 202-225-4901
Al Green                   (Houston Office) 713-383-9234 
                                  (DC Office) 202-225-7508
Gene Green              (Baytown Office) 281-420-0502
                                  (DC Office) 202-225-1688
Pete Olson                (Sugarland Office) 281-494-2690
                                  (DC Office) 202-225-5951
                                  (Clear Lake Office) 281-486-1095
John Culberson         (Houston Office) 713-682-8828 
                                  (DC Office) 202-225-2571
Ron Paul                    (Lake Jackson Office) 979-285-0231    
                                   (DC Office) 202-225-2831                          

Be polite.  Be firm.  

Join me in telling each of the Congressman, the Director of the Houston National Cemetery and the Department of Veterans Affairs that they CANNOT treat United States veterans and their families in this manner!  Demand this cease immediately.

We will win all “political” arguments by the force of our votes so please make calls to our Congressman today! In fact, if you’re not from Texas, bring this to the attention of your own Congressman and Veteran’s organizations. Think it can’t happen somewhere else? It’s happening in Texas and we must end it. Now.
Don’t leave it to someone else.  You ARE someone else!
GOD BLESS America and GOD BLESS our military!

***UPDATE***  This Monday, Independence Day, July 4, 2011, there will be a Religious Freedom Rally at the Houston National Cemetery!  At this event, coalition of Houston area pastors representing various ethnic and denominational spectrums, will call for the removal of Ms. Ocasio, from her position as Director of the Houston National Cemetery.  JOIN US to stand FOR religious freedom and our great military veterans!

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