May 1, 2011: Where Were You The Day Osama Bin Laden Died?

I was on Twitter, where I found out about bin Laden’s death well in advance of any news program or announcement from the White House.  If you didn’t know it before, know it now:  Twitter Is Where News Happens First.

A few things I must say about tonight’s news:

  1. Thank you to President Bush for running the 3 bases and staying the course.
  2. Thank you to President Obama for bringing it home by ordering the hit.
  3. Thank you to our military men and women who every day do whatever is necessary to keep us safe.

Never forget my friends.

Deaths attributed to Osama bin Laden on 9/11/01:

World Trade Center: 2,606 
American Flight #11: 87
United Flight #175: 60 
The Pentagon: 125 
American Flight #77: 59 
United Flight #93: 40 
FDNY: 343
NYPD: 23
Port Authority PD: 37

And over 5,800 U.S. military troops since the 1st war began in 2003.

But the war on terror is NOT over!

We must continue to keep our military men and women armed and ready by any means necessary.

And we must remember to always be prepared as there are people in the world who will continue to want to kill us for our simply being American.

So, as we keep our troops in your prayers now and forever for their bravery in being on the front line protecting you, me, and your families, THANK A SOLDIER the next time you see them. Tonight they’ve made our lives a little safer.

God Bless our military and God Bless America!


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