Why So Silent, Mainstream Media?!

I am in awe how a few dedicated people can work together for the greater good and get so much accomplished within a short time period.  

When we are regularly inundated by news of war, civil unrest, disasters of Mother Nature, economic and financial concerns and general gloom and doom, I have hope for humanity in a little thing called Trig’s Crew.  I am honored to be a part of this crew.

As some of you have heard, earlier this week a blog article surfaced mocking disabled children that also referenced rape and incest.  I will not reference the name of the website as they are unworthy of any internet traffic to further feed their vitriol hurtful despicable existence; however, you can read specific details in my Wednesday post if you’d like to know more.

How has a website like this remained in business?  Has our society become so numb and indifferent that our silence promotes their popularity?  And where is the “mainstream media” in all of this?  Why haven’t they … as the journalists bound to keep the public informed … spoken to condemn these acts against the innocent?  

The answer is simple.  They are no where. And why are they silent?  They’re silent because the child who was mocked was Sarah Palin’s youngest, Trig.  The mainstream media has long been a proponent of placing her in an unfavorable light because of an agenda I’ll just call bias. Yeah, I said it.  The mainstream media is BIAS.  WhaaaAAAAt?!  No way.  

Alert the media!  Oh wait … they don’t care.  

So I, along with a dedicated and resilient group of others joined Trig’s Crew and took it upon ourselves to start looking up the names of those advertisers who promoted their businesses on the website that shall not be named.  We then obtained telephone numbers to said businesses.  Then twitter handles.  Then email addresses.  

Trig’s Crew started sharing this information with others and within 72 short hours, our dedication to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves became an internet sensation.

Oh there will be some who will say this was no sensation, but facts are stubborn things my friends.  Not only has the website that shall not be named removed the vile post mocking Trig Palin and provided a pansy apology they initially stated would never come, but as of right now … 0815ish CST on a beautiful Saturday morning … the website that shall not be named has lost 71% of its advertisers after receiving calls, emails and tweets from concerned citizens (i.e. consumers).

You read that right, my friends.  Seventy-one percent.  71. 7.1. 7-1. That’s 45 major companies pulling their ads and blacklisting the website that shall not be named for their vile posts.  This is MAJOR news, and do you hear our mainstream media talking about it?  Yeah, me neither.  Their silence is deafening.

The story of what Trig’s Crew has been able to accomplish in THREE DAYS is amazing and should be one of their top stories on how a few can make a difference to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.  But they’ve not said one word.  Pathetic.

Let me be clear!  The public will no longer sit by quietly and listen to your news anchors and reporters tell us what is news worthy.   We are over it and all the one-sided story lines.

If we hear or see something we feel is wrong, we’re going to DO something about it.  We are all CITIZEN JOURNALISTS!  We’re going to take down names, emails, telephone numbers and we’re going to share that information with our friends, our colleagues, our family.  We are going to take photographic evidence.  We are going to video everything, everywhere.  

We The People *ARE* going viral.

And we’re going to do all of this to get the *real* story out there to the public because guess what ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and yes, even Fox News?!  You’re doing it wrong.

So I, a simple wife and mother of three who cares deeply about the dark path our country has taken the past decade, is putting the mainstream media on notice. I’m going to be doing your job from here on out because you can’t.  I have no problem multi-tasking and will gladly take this on.  After all, if I can have a full-time job, be happily married with 3 kids and juggle it all on a daily basis, I can easily pay attention to what’s really happening in our great country and do what I can to make a difference.  Yes, I can.

Shame to those companies who continue to advertise on the website that shall not named.  The days of satirical tones of making fun of others – children or otherwise – because of their political affiliation, or their gender, or their faith, race, or personal choices is OVER!

And shame on the mainstream media for ignoring a story mocking a disabled child simply because the child was that of Sarah Palin.  Don’t say you didn’t know because it’s your job to know!  You are guilty by your silence and the public will not forget.  Think I’m alone in my opinion?  Think again.  There are more like me.  A lot more. 

To borrow a phrase, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  

Yes. We. Are.

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