Where are you, Mr. President?

Demonstrations and unrest in Libya.

Somali pirates killing American citizens.

Legislators in Wisconsin and Indiana abandoning their jobs to avoid the democratic process.

Where are you, Mr. President?

Were you not elected to lead our great nation and be the voice of sanity while our world falls into chaos around us?

Where is your voice in support of people in other nations wanting to live in freedom as we do here in America?

Where is your voice condemning the Somali pirates who murdered Americans?

And why are you not taking a stand to speak out against the legislators who have left their jobs rather than participate in the very democratic process their constituents voted them into office for?

How am I to explain to my 3 children that our President is not the voice of reason? That our President is no longer the voice of sanity in a world of chaos?

While you and I may differ in many ways, I have always held a hope that you would change and at least stand for uniting our country and for what our great nation was founded:  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

And here we are on February 23, 2011, surrounded by civil unrest, hardships, brutality and murder, and not one word from our President.  This is not the time for silence.  This is the time for the end of brutality … the end of murder … and the end of cowardice.

Far be it for me … a nobody … to ask our President anything; however, you do work for me and my fellow Americans.  So.  I will ask these few simple requests:

1.  In regards to Libya:

  • Call out Mohammar Quadaffi for what he is.  A brutal dictator who will not be known as a martyr, but instead as a murderer of his own people.  
  • Support the democratic process of Libyan citizens.
  • Remind Quadaffi – and his supporters – that the United States will NOT stand by and see human sacrifice without fighting back for humanity.

2.  Regarding the Somali pirates:

  • Condemn their actions against Americans and all humanity.
  • Remind them that an action against an American is an act against the United States of America and that they should prepare for retaliation.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH with retaliation immediately and end their terror of the world’s seas.

3.  Legislators in WI and IN abandoning their jobs:

  • Condemn those who were voted into office that they are not doing the will of the people by leaving their posts.
  • Remind them that since they do not want to do their job, they will be replaced by citizens who will.
  • Acknowledge not adhering to the democratic process is a dereliction of their duty to uphold and honor the law.

So there you have it, Mr. President.

A few minor requests from a nobody wife and mother who waits with hope that her President … you, sir … will stand up and UNITE our country rather than continue to allow her to fall into deeper hardship and turmoil.

Thank you for your time.

As a concerned American, I sign this sincerely,

Michelle Lancaster

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